Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Eco-friendly Potty?!

Potty training is an area that I felt wouldn't offer many options when it came to finding something comfortable, functional, end earth friendly. I knew we would be using our Nature Babycare pull-ups and other reusable training pants, but I assumed that the potty would be either wooden or the regular plastic ones we've all come to know. I was a bit mistaken! When it came time to start our journey to diaper freedom, I searched high and low for options that provided all that we'd need to be successful. A budget friendly option was a must as well.

On our quest, we came across a newly developed product line by the company Safety 1st. Many of you have probably heard of this company for their car seats, walkers, and other baby gear. The company recently started a line called Nature Next. I must say, I'm pleased with the findings.

Nature Next's Bio-Plastic 3-in-1 Potty has been working well for us. It is made out of bio-plastic (as the product name informs). Bio-plastic can be made in different ways, but the main benefit is that the production of the product uses renewable resources instead of fossil fuels. This product is made of 50% bio-plastic. Another great thing is that the factory that produces them is a zero landfill facility! They reuse over 99% of their plastic production waste.

We started using the potty a few weeks ago and my son is getting the hang of this potty thing! For the other boys out there, this potty has a smaller than desired deflector shield, but it, honestly, hasn't been a problem. I remind him to pay attention to it as he pees and we are good to go. It's even less of an issue when we use the removable seat and place in on the large toilet.  I love that after he's finished his business, we are able to use the potty as a step stool. He loves it too! So far, so good for us!

Nature Next offers many other eco-friendly options for our baby and toddler needs. Some other products include infant tubs, step stools, and booster seats. I applaud this company for taking a step in the right direction. For parents like me that are mindful of our earth impact, it helps me breath easier to support such efforts.  Every little bit counts, right?!

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Senora said...

We got this...but my son says "I prefer diapers..." No reflection on the apparatus itself, I'm sure!